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Obama still plans to take in refugees: No worries, ‘we have very robust vetting procedures’

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chris-wallace-ben-rhodesOnce the Obama administration comes up with a plan, they stick to it.

Notwithstanding the terrifying and coordinated attack on a Paris theatre, sports stadium and restaurant Friday night, the Obama administration has no intention of revising its plan to admit Syrian refugees into the United States, according to National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes.

“One of the attackers in the French slaughter was carrying a Syrian passport that seemed to indicate that he had been a refugee that had come into Europe along with the flood of migrants in October,” Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace observed. “Given that, is President Obama reconsidering the plan to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next year?”

“No, Chris, we’re still planning to take in Syrian refugees,” Rhodes responded, adding, “we have very robust vetting procedures for those refugees.”

“It involves our intelligence community, our national counter-terrorism center, extensive interviews, vetting them against all information,” he said, “and what we need to be able to do frankly is sort out that foreign fighter flow — those who have gone into Syria and come out and want to launch attacks or those who have connections with ISIL in Syria.”

Watch the video, via Fox News.

Flabbergasted viewers took to social media.

And finally one viewer suggested where to ship the Syrians.

Last month, Republican presidential contender Donald Trump referred to the Syrian refugees as a “Trojan horse.” Paris may have proved him right.

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