Chris Wallace interviews Paris theatre survivor, still shaken: ‘I heard gunshots, and they did not stop’

chris-wallace-jenny-watson-topperMore than a day after the attack at Paris’s Bataclan concert hall Friday night, a survivor still feels cold with terror over what she had managed to escape while so many others didn’t.

Jenny Watson, who was seated in the balcony of the theatre enjoying the sounds of Eagles of Death Metal when shots began ringing out, was interviewed by host Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.”

“I heard gunshots, and they did not stop,” she said. “It was non-stop.”

She said she managed to escape fairly quickly because she was seated next to a safety exit. But the moment she began scrambling down the staircase, she could hear gunshots echoing in the area that she had just left.

“It was, um, really close,” she said, holding back tears.

Watson said the reality of the situation didn’t hit her until she’d heard how coordinated the attack was — focusing not just on the concert hall but other popular areas of the city.

“I’m shaking, my heart’s beating and I can’t get warm,” she said. “I’m cold, I’m shivering.”

Watch the clip, via Fox News:

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