Wasserman Schultz’s hostile, on-air spat with MSNBC host daring to question Hillary joining Marines story

DWS Mitchell

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was not happy with MSNBC’s questioning of claims Hillary Clinton made about joining the Marines.

In fact, Schultz seemed downright testy as she asked host Andrea Mitchell, “Why on earth are we talking about this?”

On Friday’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Mitchell played a video of Clinton retelling the story of how she tried to join the Marine Corps in the 1970s and was rejected.

Mitchell said the story “doesn’t track” with Clinton’s biography and even pointed out that Washington Post fact checker, Glenn Kessler, gave the claim two pinocchios.

Mitchell tried to reconcile Clinton’s claim with the fact that she was very anti-war at that time, and presented the question to Wasserman Schultz.

“Why on earth would she go to a marine recruiter in 1975,” Mitchell asked. “And she was a lawyer, professor in Fayetteville, Arkansas, married to Bill Clinton or engaged to marry Bill Clinton? It doesn’t make sense.”

After questioning Mitchell on why the topic was even raised, Wasserman Schultz tried to reroute the conversation.

“What the story illustrated was the fact that we have made a lot of progress in America,” she said, going on to point to women’s changed roles in government and the economy.

Not so easily deterred, Mitchell responded by getting back to the original question.

“I think the point is just: Did this happen? You have a presidential candidate, the frontrunner in the Democratic Party saying something happened which is quite strikingly dissonant to people who knew her back then,” said Mitchell.

But Wasserman Schultz found Mitchell’s approach “highly unreasonable,” even bringing up Mitchell’s own track record of reporting.

And, seeming to miss the irony in her own question, Wasserman Schultz asked, “Do we need every single experience in a person’s life to be written in stone and blood and verifiable?”

Watch the video exchange, below.

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