NY Daily News GRAPHIC cover photo of carnage in Paris sets off fierce debate over respect vs reality

As the world comes to grips with yet another horrific terrorist attack at the hands of Islamic extremists, as seen Friday in Paris, some in the media are taking a more straightforward approach to such attacks by showing the actual carnage.

A preview of the front page of the New York Daily News shows multiple dead bodies lying on the ground amid pools of blood — a highly disturbing photo that captures the reality of the bloodbath that took place when terrorists, reportedly shouting Allahu Akbar, attacked residents of the City of Light.


Fox News showed the image repeatedly Friday during its coverage of the attack on a stadium, concert hall and Paris cafe diners.

An attack that left at least 129 dead and 99 more critically wounded, according to the Daily News.

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The reaction on social media to the cover photo was mixed, with some folks applauding the Daily News for showing the graphic results of Islamic terrorism, with many others condemning the newspaper for not showing respect for the dead.

Here is a sampling of responses from Twitter:

*Caution: Strong Language


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