James Woods crushes Black Lives Matter’s DeRay when he foolishly picks a fight with him

Race agitator DeRay McKesson, a key figure in the hate group Black Lives Matter, took exception Friday to actor James Woods expressing some thoughts about the Islamic terrorist attack in Paris.

Hoping to avoid a similar attack in the United States, the outspoken conservative actor took to social media, where he is highly popular, to condemn the Obama administration for bringing in thousands of Syrian refugees without any real vetting process to determine who is being allowed into the country.

All of which proved to be too much for McKesson, who only values free speech if it coincides with his racist views of the world.

Dim-witted McKesson had no idea who he was taking on — Woods promptly slayed him with four simple words, winning the Internet for the day. A frequent occurrence.

Given the reaction to the little dust-up, McKesson may want to be a little more discerning in the future about who he decides to take on.

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Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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