Abducted woman doctor looked nervous in line; watch unbelievable heroic act by this suspicious store clerk

Convenience store clerk Manveer Komer is being hailed as a hero after following his gut instinct and saving a Center City doctor from her abductor.

And his actions were captured on video.

Komer was immediately suspicious when Nathaniel Rodriguez came into his store early Wednesday with the doctor and tried to withdraw money from the ATM. When the transaction was declined, they bought cigarettes with her credit card instead.

“I was looking,” Komer told WPVI-TV. “This is not a boyfriend, not a girlfriend.”

And how right he was.

Turns out, Rodriguez abducted the doctor from a parking garage across from Pennsylvania Hospital and drove around in her vehicle withdrawing money from various ATMs until her debit card was declined for exceeding the limit.

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Acting on his suspicion, Komer showed remarkable bravery as the suspect and his victim were leaving, physically inserting himself between them and telling the doctor he was going to help her.

The store clerk told Rodriguez to give the doctor back her keys and phone, but the suspect acted as if he was going to pull a gun from his jacket before driving off in the victim’s car.

Police would soon catch up to Rodriguez after he turned on the doctor’s cellphone, enabling them to locate him.

According to authorities, Rodriguez is a known drifter and was just arrested last week for a theft inside Pennsylvania Hospital — he now faces additional charges of aggravated assault, kidnapping, carjacking, robbery, and other related offenses, WPVI-TV reported.

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