Sheriff Clarke ends rigorous debate over campus ‘rebellions’ with ultimate TRUTH BOMB

Sherrif David ClarkeSheriff David Clarke blasted the college protests sweeping the nation and said the discrimination against white and Asian students should end.

“The only discrimination that people should be railing against in these colleges and universities are these programs that discriminate against white and Asian students in favor of less qualified black students for entry into the university,” he told Fox News’ Sean Hannity during a heated debate Thursday with Kevin Jackson and Eric Guster.

“That’s something that has served its usefulness and that sort of discrimination is what should end,” he said.

Clarke said the uprisings weren’t protests but were more of an “insurrection” and a “rebellion.”

“The taxpayers ought to stand up and demand that their money stop being spent to fund these laboratories of liberal indoctrination,” he said.

“Forget all these rebellions and these insurrections. That’s all this is.”

“When you are called the N-word on campus, when you are being attacked, when you have racial slurs thrown at you that is a problem,” Guster said.

Kevin Jackson of the Blacksphere called it nonsense.

“If these were the people leading the civil rights back in the sixties we’d probably still be leading on plantations,” he said, adding that he didn’t believe any of the instances of racial slurs being used were probably true. “These are the weakest group of individuals I’ve ever seen and they are an embarrassment to blacks.”

Clarke ended the debate by countering liberal Guster’s claim that are protesters are only trying to stick up for their rights.

“They don’t even know what their rights are,” Clarke got in just before the debate ended.

The look on Guster’s face – priceless.

Watch the entire heated debate below.

Carmine Sabia


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