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Powerful Democrat group to organize secret meeting; want BIG donors to fund Black Lives Matter

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Major Democratic donors are considering opening their wallets to an organization that is considered a catalyst to ambush-style murders of police officers, and whose members have wholly disrupted Democratic political events — Black Lives Matter.

Meetings will be taking place behind closed doors attended by BLM leaders and the George Soros-funded Democracy Alliance, in Washington next week at the left-wing organization’s annual winter meeting, according to Politico, which reported:

The DA, as the club is known in Democratic circles, is recommending its donors step up check writing to a handful of endorsed groups that have supported the Black Lives Matter movement. And the club and some of its members also are considering ways to funnel support directly to scrappier local groups that have utilized confrontational tactics to inject their grievances into the political debate.

It’s a potential partnership that could elevate the Black Lives Matter movement and heighten its impact. But it’s also fraught with tension on both sides, sources tell POLITICO.


The Black Lives Matter movement prides itself on its independence. Some of the donors are also hesitant, given BLM’s disruption of Democratic presidential campaign events.

“Major donors are usually not as radical or confrontational as activists most in touch with the pain of oppression,” said Steve Phillips, a Democracy Alliance member and significant contributor to Democratic candidates and causes.

“The progressive donor world should be adding zeroes to their contributions that support this transformative movement,” he said, while acknowledging that “tactics such as shutting down freeways and disrupting rallies can alienate major donors, and if that’s your primary source of support, then you’re at risk of being blocked from doing what you need to do.”

Billionaire financier, George Soros was one of the driving forces that established Democracy Alliance, along with Taco Bell heir Rob McKay. DA’s donmees include the Center for American Progress, the progressive watchdog Media Matters, which monitors conservative outlets, and the Democratic data firm, Catalist.

“Movements that are challenging the status quo and that do so to some extent by using direct action or disruptive tactics are meant to make people uncomfortable, so I’m sure we have partners who would be made uncomfortable by it or think that that’s not a good tactic,” DA President Gara LaMarche said.

“But we have a wide range of human beings and different temperaments and approaches in the DA, so it’s quite possible that there are people who are a little concerned, as well as people who are curious or are supportive. This is a chance for them to meet some of the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement, and understand the movement better, and then we’ll take stock of that and see where it might lead.”

When news hit the streets, people were understandably appalled, and took to social media.


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