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James Foley’s parents take ‘very small solace’ in Jihadi John’s death; Obama Admin could’ve done more

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The parents of journalist James Foley,  who was brutally beheaded by Islamic State executioner Jihadi John, take little comfort in the fact that John was reportedly killed by a U.S. drone strike.

U.S. officials are “reasonably certain” that John, real name Mohammed Emwazi, 27, who beheaded James Foley and many others in ISIS propaganda videos, was killed in a missile strike on Thursday in Raqqa, Syria but Foley’s parents called the news “very small solace.”

“This huge effort to go after this deranged man filled with hate – when they can’t make half that effort to save the hostages while these young Americans were still alive. It’s unfortunate that the government doesn’t get it,” Foley’s parents, Diane and John, said in a statement to ABC News Friday.

“Our focus is on Jim’s life and all the good that he did in the world. We remain humble and proud of his unwavering commitment to give voice to the voiceless as a journalist, a teacher and a friend,” it continued.

Carmine Sabia


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