Texas high school’s ‘unity rally’ is for black students only; parents fear ‘new form of segregation’

So much for unity.

An event scheduled at a Houston, Texas high school is drawing a lot of flak. Although it’s being billed as a “unity rally,” they don’t really want to be united with anyone — it’s for African Americans only.

Officials at Klein Oak High School confirmed to local ABC affiliate 13 Eyewitness News that only black students were invited, and only black students will be in attendance — whites and Hispanics need not apply.


When asked why the segregation, school officials said it was to make the black students feel comfortable to attend.

The event is scheduled during school hours.

But it’s not just the white students who are upset. ABC 13 reported:

One parent of a African-American student says she is not happy about the meeting in the least, and the students themselves are wondering why they are being singled out for their race.

The parent who spoke with abc13 says she wants to know how this is supposed to make students feel free, and is worried the district is trying to begin a new form of segregation.


Watch the clip, via SBC 13 News.


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