Supermodel Gisele insists her ‘personality’ made her a superstar, NOT good looks

Some things never change, and supermodels continuing to tell the rest of us that life in the glamorous spotlight isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, seems to be one of those things.

Although mega star Gisele Bundchen isn’t complaining. In fact, Bundchen told CBS’s Charlie Rose in a recent interview that her personality is exactly what shot her to superstardom.

“I think [it’s] because of my personality,” said Bundchen.

“I think I never complained, you know? I think if they said, ‘Gisele, go there, it’s below zero in a bathing suit, and start jumping!’ And I’m like, ‘That’s what I do.’”


It’s true that no one likes a whiner, and Bundchen attributes her can-do spirit to achieving the feat of becoming the highest paid supermodel, worth $386M, according to Fox News.

Rose did ask Bundchen if her looks had something to do with her enormous success.

“Are you the best because of the look that you had?” Rose asked.

“Not at all,” Bundchen replied. “I don’t think so. Not at all.”

gisele 2

Fox’s “Outnumbered” panel weighed in on Bundchen’s claim, agreeing that a good work ethic can take you a long way.

Others on the panel stated Bundchen should have been more honest about the fact that the modeling industry is based on looks, and added there’s no ‘shame’ in it.

Watch the discussion below and weigh in with your take:


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