Shocker: ‘The View’ hosts pile on Hillary – If Trump behaved that way ‘we’d be ripping him a new one’

It looks like “The View” host Joy Behar is using a man’s superficial statement that he could “strangle” Carly Fiorina for personal damage

“Every time I see her on TV, I want to reach through and strangle her,” a former male Hewlett-Packard employee told Hillary Clinton at a campaign stop on Tuesday.

The fact that the liberal media didn’t pounce on Hillary after she laughed at the man’s quip raised accusations of double standards.

But Behar, fresh off a wave of heavy criticism for making fun of Fiorina’s face (something Behar slammed Donald Trump for doing) was all too eager to rush to Fiorina’s defense on Wednesday.

“Let’s be fair,” Behar said. “If someone had said that to Donald Trump and he had laughed, we would be ripping him a new one,’ Behar said on the ABC show on Wednesday. “She should have stood up to him. I’m sorry, I have to say that.”

Don’t be sorry Behar – just try to be genuine.

Behar’s co-hosts chimed in saying it was Clinton’s duty as a woman, to defend Fiorina.

‘We’re talking about strangling a woman here. We always talk about women standing up for other women, so she’s got to stand up for the only other female that’s out there,’ co-host Paula Faris said.

While “The View” hosts try to re-establish their reputations as champions of all women, Fiorina was busy telling Fox News what the real issue is.

“If this had happened with a conservative candidate, the liberal media would be all over us to correct him, to apologize,” Fiorina said.

“Newsflash: the media is biased. This isn’t anything new. And we just have to deal with it, unfortunately. So, it’s not going to rattle me.”


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