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Mizzou student body president dares students to impeach him over false KKK charge

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University of Missouri student body president Payton Head all but dared his fellow students to impeach him in response to a blatantly false claim he made this week about the KKK being on campus.

Head, a gay black man, is a central figure in the actions that led to school president Tim Wolfe stepping down on Monday — Head claimed he was called the “n-word” from a passing pickup truck in September. The charge has not been substantiated.

At it again late Tuesday, Head posted a message on Facebook warning students that the KKK “has been confirmed to be sighted on campus.” Authorities quickly discounted the allegation, but it served to whip students up in a lather.

Even though he would later apologize, Head’s action was so irresponsible that it prompted calls for him to resign as student body president.

Mizzou student body president admits to spreading false rumor KKK was on campus

Being a member of a protected class — x2 — Head responded from his “safe space” Wednesday,  all but daring students to remove him.

The comment all but removes any lingering doubt that the whole trumped up affair has been about Head drawing attention to himself.

Either way, his response prompted more calls for him to save the school the trouble and embarrassment and step down on his own — an unlikely occurrence in the age of Obama.

Here’s a  sampling of responses from Twitter:

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