What kind of sick person does this to Vets right before Veterans Day?

A Massachusetts cemetery was the scene of an incredible act of disrespect that left graves of veterans vandalized last weekend.

Just days before Veteran’s Day, police were alerted to the damage in a West Bridgewater cemetery, according to MyFoxBoston.


Vandals reportedly toppled gravestones, broke statues and snapped flags on a spree of destruction that included strewing flags and military gear over the cemetery property.

Family members were heartbroken over the destruction and struggled to find any purpose in the actions.

“It’s sad. I mean, this whole area is all family,” Debra Veronesi told Fox, in tears. “I don’t know what would possess them to think this is funny, because it’s not.”

A member of the cemetery board of directors for about 30 years, Lauren Delaney, said since 2102 the cemetery has been hit three other times. And while Delaney believed veterans were a target of the vandalism, police could not confirm any evidence pointing to this, according to Fox.

“Those were a lot of Civil War veterans, a lot of stones from the 17, 1800s that can’t be replaced,” Delaney said. “It’s heartbreaking. It really is. There’s really no words for it.”

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