Veterans speak out on which candidates will make best president


Military veterans weighed in with their thoughts on the candidates following the Republican presidential debate, Tuesday.

Appearing on Fox News, the panel, which included a former Navy Seal, former Army Intelligence sergeant and a Marine Corps vet, discussed the GOP contenders’ stance on military spending, health care and more.

Introduced as an avid Trump supporter, former Navy Seal Carl Higbie, disagreed with Rand Paul’s debate comments that military spending would cost trillions of dollars.

“No, you put someone like Donald Trump in there who has done the most in their campaign with the least amount of money, that’s the commander-in-chief I want,” Higbie said.

On the topic of privatizing veteran health care as opposed to continuing  the current government run system, Higbie asked, “How many people die on waiting lists in private sector hospitals? It doesn’t happen.”

“The VA has made a complete mess of everything,” he said.

Watch the Fox segment, below.

Frieda Powers


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