Paul slams Rubio for ‘new welfare program’; Rubio fights back hard – Who won this heated argument?

Sen. Rand Paul slammed Sen. Marco Rubio‘s plans for child tax credits and military spending saying it was not conservative.

“The most important job I’m ever going to have, the most important job anyone in this room will ever have is the job of being a parent,” Rubio said at the Fox Business Network/Wall Street Journal GOP debate Tuesday.

“Not the job of being president or the job of being a senator or the job of being a congressman, the most important job any of us will ever do is the job of being [a parent].”

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“We have to decide what is conservative and what isn’t conservative,” Paul shot back.

“Is it conservative to have a trillion dollars in transfer payments, a new welfare program, that’s a refundable tax credit?” he added. “Add that to Marco’s plan for a trillion dollars in new military spending and you get something that looks to me, not very conservative.”

“I know that Rand is a committed isolationist, I’m not,” Rubio fired back.

“I don’t think we are any safer from bankruptcy court,” Paul said. “As we go further and further into debt, we become less and less safe.”

Watch the entire heated exchange below.

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