Mizzou student body president admits to spreading false rumor KKK was on campus

Much like the lie known as “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” rumors and unsubstantiated allegations continue to flow freely on the University of Missouri campus, with some of the worst of it coming from student body president Payton Head.

Head, who had previously claimed he was called the “n-word” from a passing pickup truck — one of the actions that led to the school’s president, Tim Wolfe, resigning on Monday — was at it again on Tuesday.

This time, he took to social media to warn students about the KKK being on campus, according to Twitchy.com:

There’s only one small problem — it wasn’t true … never mind that this came from the president of the student body!

Head would eventually delete the false claim and post an apology:

Is there any wonder students have been whipped up into a lather at the school?

Ironically, after the school’s online emergency information center posted a comment on Twitter about not spreading rumors, Head joined in to instruct students not to do what he was guilty of doing:

The reaction on social media to Head’s irresponsible actions included calls for HIS resignation — an unlikely occurrence being that he’s a member of a protected class — AND his arrest.

Here’s a sampling of other responses to the circus environment that now defines the University of Missouri:

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263 thoughts on “Mizzou student body president admits to spreading false rumor KKK was on campus

  1. PittsburghGal53 says:

    Pam- this spoiled brat has never been taught manners because her parent/parents put her on a pedestal. Courtesy is something these young, useful idiots know nothing about.

  2. ILoveEveryone says:

    The whole thing is a false narrative. Being offended is part of life and being able to ignore it is a sign of maturity, which this crowd has very little of.

  3. Michael Onoo says:

    Boycott all sporting events with a disproportionate number of black players. Black men are 6% of the population, an NFL team with 80 players should have a maximum of 5 blacks

  4. Hp B says:

    Wolfe can’t help it. He’s a natural born bureaucrat.
    Yellow streak and all.

  5. emiliani says:

    Someone on Twitter hit it right on the head: “Just a community organizer in training. Could be our future president.”

    Take a look at him. He looks a lot like the “President” we have now — eerily similar.

    We have the following situation: Micro-Aggression vs. …

    Yelling and screaming at student passerby.
    Aggressive, intimidating chants, cheers, and speeches.
    Exclusion of white students from certain areas of black privilege.
    Outright lies and deception.
    Surrounding of the Chancellor’s car and yelling and screaming at him to come out.
    Making up stories about micro-aggression while intimidating other races.
    Making up stories about the Klan when the Black Panthers are on scene.
    And on and on and on!!

    How many of these “student” protesters even deserve to be on the campus of UM? I love the fact that University morons are facing the consequences of their policies!! It all couldn’t happen to a more deserving lot: they lecture us about our racism and intolerance and sexism and homophobia and all the rest, while they get run out of town on a rail!!! It’s my dream come true!! Oh, why couldn’t I be a student when the chickens finally came home to roost??!!

    I love it!!! Keep it coming BSU and MeCHa and ACT UP and Trany-Manny and Feminists and all the other civilizational nihilists among us!! It couldn’t happen to a better group of people!!

    There’s nothing better than being in the front row watching cannibals starting to eat their own!!

    Someone pass them the salt and butter!!!!!!!!

  6. cpt. wirz says:

    So typical of the black community to make stuff up like this. When will this nonsense end? Why is the media NOT reporting the FACTS? Same black lies matter scenario. When are white people going to get fed up already?

  7. coneyro says:

    If Payton wants to be treated as an equal, he should face censure and expulsion as any white student would in similar circumstances. Where is the press exposing this to the world? If blacks want to be truly equals, no mollycoddling. Face the harsh judgement and criticism on an even keel. No excuses accepted.

  8. Cathy Guignet says:

    Liar Liar Liar not fit to lead anything or anyone.

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