Mizzou student body president admits to spreading false rumor KKK was on campus

Much like the lie known as “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” rumors and unsubstantiated allegations continue to flow freely on the University of Missouri campus, with some of the worst of it coming from student body president Payton Head.

Head, who had previously claimed he was called the “n-word” from a passing pickup truck — one of the actions that led to the school’s president, Tim Wolfe, resigning on Monday — was at it again on Tuesday.

This time, he took to social media to warn students about the KKK being on campus, according to Twitchy.com:

There’s only one small problem — it wasn’t true … never mind that this came from the president of the student body!

Head would eventually delete the false claim and post an apology:

Is there any wonder students have been whipped up into a lather at the school?

Ironically, after the school’s online emergency information center posted a comment on Twitter about not spreading rumors, Head joined in to instruct students not to do what he was guilty of doing:

The reaction on social media to Head’s irresponsible actions included calls for HIS resignation — an unlikely occurrence being that he’s a member of a protected class — AND his arrest.

Here’s a sampling of other responses to the circus environment that now defines the University of Missouri:

Tom Tillison


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