Kinder, gentler Trump explains his bold shift in strategy in post-debate interview with Cavuto

The last thing his rivals need is a new and improved Donald Trump.

The Republican presidential front-runner sat down with Fox Business moderator Neil Cavuto following Tuesday night’s debate and discussed what could be described as a shift in his overall strategy.

Cavuto noted a “stylistic” change from the real estate tycoon, where he allowed others “to mix it up and get nasty with each other” while holding back and not engaging.

“Well, I’m becoming very diplomatic, right?” Trump joked. “You’re teaching me that.”

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“No, I mean, we mixed it up a little bit, but I don’t like doing that,” he added on a more serious note, saying he doesn’t like it when candidates cut others off.

“I think it’s inappropriate,” he said.

Cavuto noted that Trump went so far as to raise his hand when he wanted to jump into discussions, like he was in “Catholic grade school.”

“You know the bad part, I kept raising my hand and it doesn’t work,” Trump said with a laugh.

But the candidate was confident that his lead in the polls was safe.

“People are saying that I won the debate,” he told Cavuto. “I don’t know if I won it or not, but I think I did well.”

Cavuto fell back on what he saw as a shift in strategy on Trump’s part, and asked him if he was “trying to be presidential.”

Well, I don’t think I’m trying to be,” Trump said. “I went to an Ivy League school, I was a good student, I mean I have a lot of so called pedigree.”

“But the truth is that tonight, I just thought it was a wonderful debate.”

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