CLASSIC Carson comeback: Humor and Hillary lead to huge applause

Image: Fox Business News
Image: Fox Business News

During Tuesday night’s debate, moderator Neil Cavuto threw Dr. Ben Carson a question about the media’s “double standard”—and his answer was classic.

Citing the doctor’s recent remarks about how the media ignored President Obama’s past while dredging up small details of Carson’s, Fox Business News’ Cavuto asked “are you worried your campaign, which you always said is bigger than you, is now being hurt by it?”

“First of all, thank you for not asking me what I said in the tenth grade.  I appreciate that,” Carson responded to applause from the audience.

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He continued, “I have no problem with being vetted.  What I do have a problem with, is being lied about.”

Carson compared his treatment by the mainstream media with Hillary Clinton, referencing her conflicting stories about Benghazi.

“Where I come from, we call that a lie,” he said with his trademark calmness.  The crowd exploded in cheers.

The GOP candidate, who began the debate in a virtual tie with fellow outsider Donald Trump, concluded with this: “People who know me, know that I’m an honest person.”

Watch the video below.

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