Audience laughs and then boos Trump; he explains why he called Fiorina out

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump got booed after he took a shot at Carly Fiorina at Tuesday’s GOP Debate.

Isolationist candidate Sen. Rand Paul was explaining why he didn’t think a no-fly zone over Syria would be a good idea and cited former President Ronald Reagan when Fiorina jumped in to correct him.

Why does she keep interrupting everybody?” Trump said to laughter from the audience that then quickly changed to boos.

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Trump explained his reasons for scolding Fiorina when he spoke to Fox News’ Neil Cavuto after the debate.

“When somebody cuts somebody off, I think it’s inappropriate,” he explained.

“I thought she did fine. But I just, you know, a lot of people were being cut off,” Trump told Cavuto. “Absolutely I thought she was fine but I thought that maybe somebody should speak up.”

Watch the moment he was booed below.

Carmine Sabia


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