GOP candidates hit Florida for Sunshine Summit this week; last minute tickets available

You’re Invited to the Sunshine Summit Nov. 13, 14 in Orlando   Don’t miss your chance to hear and meet our lineup of Republican presidential candidates: Gov. Jeb Bush, Gov. Chris […]

Jesse Watters fans rejoice; he’s finally getting his OWN ‘world’ on Fox News Channel

Good news for fans of Jesse Watters and his “Watters World” segments on “The O’Reilly Factor” – Fox News Channel has announced the special correspondent is getting his […]

Fed-up white Mizzou professor stands up to race ‘bullies,’ refuses to cancel exams, forced to RESIGN

Resigned after refusing to cancel an exam for students who claimed to feel “unsafe.”

What kind of sick person does this to Vets right before Veterans Day?

“It’s heartbreaking. It really is. There’s really no words for it.”

Liberal sheep come running at declaration that Ben Carson’s mother contradicted his hammer story

Liberal sheep are not the brightest – especially when you point to something shiny. That’s just what The Daily Mail did when it unearthed an interview about Dr. […]

Video: Dem Sen. Claire McCaskill instructs American men ‘Just shut the hell up’

Has there ever been a more disparaging time to be a male in America than today? Or a better time to be a Democrat? In a comment that […]

Guess which popular Dem insulted our soldiers on Veteran’s Day with THIS?

A popular left wing cable news figure has removed a picture of Cuban soldiers for Veteran’s Day calling it a mistake but many believe it was no […]

Jealous newlywed bridezilla leaves waitress THIS outrageous note instead of tip; waitress fights back

An Ohio waitress gave a tip of her own to a rude newlywed wife who stiffed her because she thought the server flirted with her husband. The […]

Gitmo inmate
McCain: I’ll sue Obama if he tries to close Gitmo with executive action

Jonah Bennett Senate Armed Services Chairman John McCain threatened Tuesday to sue President Barack Obama if he tries to close Guantanamo Bay with executive action. “Of course […]

Dunkin’ Donuts cup sends message to Starbucks after ‘no-Christmas’ cup backlash

By Geoffrey Ingersoll Days after Starbucks took heat for removing Christmas symbols from their holiday coffee cup, Dunkin Donuts released a holiday cup that’s considerably more festive.   […]

Trump not welcome at Dartmouth College venue, Hillary has no problem booking

Despite refusing to grant permission to the College Republicans to host presidential candidate Donald Trump in the school’s largest auditorium in September, on the grounds that the space was not open to presidential candidates, Dartmouth College is now permitting Hillary Clinton to speak in the location this Tuesday.

Veterans day
Veterans speak out on which candidates will make best president

Military veterans weighed in . . .

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