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Mizzou campus cops send eerie email, order students REPORT offensive speech; ‘1984 here we come’

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The Bill of Rights is being run through a shredder right before our eyes, beginning with one of our most cherished inalienable rights — the First Amendment freedom of speech.

In the wake of the takeover of the University of Missouri by an seemingly out-of-control, rebellious student mob, the campus police allegedly issued a directive to report any events of “hateful and/or hurtful speech.”

Journalist and Mizzou alumnus, Madi Alexander, tweeted:

Thoughts immediately turned to Orwell:

One of the biggest ironies in this is that Mizzou is famed for its school of journalism. That fact wasn’t lost on social media users.

Then there was this observation.

President Barack Obama’s actions have seemed to demonstrate his disdain for the Second and Tenth Amendments, as well as the First Amendment’s “Free Exercise” of religion clause.

Now our universities want to destroy the First Amendment’s guarantee of free speech, lest someone’s feelings get hurt.



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