Meet the privileged ‘shrieking girl’ Yale student who berated her professor

By Blake NeffDC NEWS

The infamous “Shrieking Girl” at Yale University who now famously berated a professor for not making Yale a “safe space” is from a relatively privileged background and has been frantically moving to delete her online presence, an investigation by The Daily Caller News Foundation reveals. Also, despite shrieking “Who the fuck hired you?” in the notorious video, it turns out the student herself played a role in his hiring.

Last week, a massive controversy erupted at Yale over statements made by Nicholas and Erika Christakis, two professors who also serve as the heads of Silliman College, a residential college at Yale. Erika had sent out an email before Halloween criticizing efforts at the school to censor Halloween costumes, which sparked a massive backlash and calls for the two to resign as the heads of Silliman. That controversy led to a confrontation last Thursday, where a student screamed at Christakis to “be quiet” as he tried to explain his position, and then called him “disgusting” and said he “should not sleep at night” because of what he’d done.

Initially, the student in the video was unknown, but The Daily Caller News Foundation has independently confirmed the student to be Jerelyn Luther, a senior at Yale. Luther was identified in part thanks to a brief glimpse of her face in footage of Thursday’s encounter, which matches pictures of Lutherthat are available online.

Luther was a master’s aide (a kind of student administrative assistant) this fall for Silliman College, where the controversy is centered. In the last few days since the video emerged online, Luther has been rapidly moving to obscure her online presence. Her LinkedIn page, though it still comes up in Google search results, has been deleted, as have her Twitter and Facebook pages.

Luther is vanishing from more than just social media. While she was on the list of Silliman master’s aides as recently as Nov. 6, she’s disappeared from the current page, indicating that she may have quit her post. She also had a profile page at the website for her mother’s company, Creative Concepts, but that page has now vanished as well.

What limited information can be found about Luther, though, indicates a privileged background that makes her tirade against Christakis all the more baffling. Besides the obvious privilege inherent in being able to attend Yale, one of the world’s most elite (and expensive) universities, Luther also hails from the wealthy, low-crime city of Fairfield, Connecticut. Her family home isn’t luxurious but has an appraised value of more than $760,000. Her short profile at The Yale Globalist describes her as an avid traveler who wants to visit at least 3/4 of the world’s countries, a hobby that’s hardly available to the impoverished.

One of the most fascinating revelations regarding Luther’s identity, though, is the fact that she played a role in Christakis becoming master of Silliman College in the first place. In her tirade, Luther screams “Who the fuck hired you?” at Christakis. But further research reveals that Luther actually served on the search committee that chose Christakis as the master of Silliman College. So, when Luther screams “who the fuck hired you,” the answer is, in some part, herself.

Calls to Luther by The Daily Caller News Foundation were not immediately returned.

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16 thoughts on “Meet the privileged ‘shrieking girl’ Yale student who berated her professor

  1. unclezip says:

    Black Privilege? OMG – that’s waaaciiist!

    1. Lisa Bullock-Hock says:

      Whahhh!!! These baby sissy idiots will not be able make it in the world. people trying to get things done, don’t give a crap about your feelings. morons

  2. Melissa BossyBoots Votano says:

    I’m really curious what the people who just whine all the time about every little thing are going to do when something really important, life threatening and downright evil occurs. Yep they’ll come looking for all of us to protect them with our guns.

    1. jimjimmy says:

      they will curl up into a ball with their thumb in their ass!

      1. AFlaVet says:

        Then make a “swastika” with the poop on the end of their thumb.

  3. james thomas says:

    When you watch these insane outbursts, let alone the complaints about racism in one of the biggest higher ed wombs in the East, you really wonder if any of these kids are truly qualified to be there from an intellectual standpoint and if part of their anger is from an awakening that they can’t keep up.

  4. mark says:

    Jerelyn Luther, bless your indoctrinated, stupid heart. Go home. Spend a minute on Mommy and Daddy’s couch to collect yourself. Then get a job sacking groceries or something useful. Grow up, girl.

  5. billrowland says:

    I heard her tirade. She is a spoiled, disgusting phony.

  6. jumara says:

    so her parents raised a foul mouthed little brat who thinks shouting obscenities is communicating.

    1. AFlaVet says:

      It’s call “Black Privilege” be an American hating anarchist with a monster chip on your shoulder. F them all.

  7. Richard Bundy says:

    Maybe people just need to boycott these mouthy little shits families businesses then when it hurts mom and dad’s bottom line they will take care of their kids and show them their actions have Consequences.

  8. joe cartwright says:

    All this DRAMA over Halloween costumes.. They don’t have anything better to do?? They bring all of this upon themselves…I wonder if they know that the American people are laughing at them…Yale needs to take control back and boot out all of these Drama Queens…

    1. tedlv says:

      Very good statement. I was thinking the same thing; you said it well.

  9. RE Hafner says:

    Her problem is obvious , her dildo batteries died.

    1. tedlv says:

      And her girlfriend broke up with her.

  10. tedlv says:

    I can’t figure out where “ivy league Dougie” is in all this. Shouldn’t he be here singing the praises of ivy league “schools” and condemning the South, where he lives?

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