Billionaire Bloomberg attacks Fla. AG Pam Bondi, other AGs over opposing EPA regulations

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Michael Bloomberg wasn’t able to flip the Virginia Legislature last week, despite spending more than $2.4 million pushing gun control measures.

But the billionaire and former New York City mayor has jumped right back into the political arena, spending millions targeting attorneys generals in four states who are opposed to the Clean Power Plan, a sweeping regulation put forth by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Obama administration.

“These four attorneys general are trying to stop the president from doing something that I think is terribly important,” Bloomberg told the New York Times last week of the TV attack ads in Florida, Wisconsin, Missouri and Michigan. “I want the public to know what they’re doing.”

The commercials have already started in Florida, aimed at Attorney General Pam Bondi, who last month joined a group of elected officials in 27 states who have filed a lawsuit trying to block the Clean Power Plan from being implemented.

The ads are hard-hitting and personal. Here’s the 30-second spot that goes after Bondi:

In no surprise, Bondi hit back at Bloomberg.

“Florida has a great and conscientious track record of improving its air quality and protecting its environment,” Bondi said in a statement. “Now a billionaire bully is attacking Florida, and 26 other states, for having the audacity of defending their citizens against the EPA’s heavy-handed and unlawful regulations, which will drastically increase Floridians power bills — something this billionaire clearly cares little about. This bully wants to defend the federal government; we want to protect the people we serve.”

The ads attack one Democrat — Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster — and three Republicans — Bondi, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette and Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel.

Produced by Bloomberg’s political action committee, Independence USA PAC, the TV spots are part of an advertising campaign that has a reported budget of more than $10 million.

More could be coming…

Read more at Florida Watchdog.

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6 thoughts on “Billionaire Bloomberg attacks Fla. AG Pam Bondi, other AGs over opposing EPA regulations

  1. Kenneth Clark says:

    Psst… Hey Bloomberg… don’t care what you think. How ’bout paying taxes on that money instead of skirting the IRS by using a PAC as a tax shelter.

  2. Diana Johnson says:

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  3. Badkarma060 says:

    Hey Buttplug stay out of Florida, go help the commie in NYC, it’s turned into a cesspool.

  4. mrbp says:

    BOOMBERG is just another ultra lib nazi from the obama klan. Isn’t is special when the dems show zero tolerance, but attack the conservatives for being intolerant?? Its time for the congress to either impeach this crook from the white house (also known as the people’s house). Its pretty evident that democrats and RINOS are now the new socialist party in the US.

  5. higgy01 says:

    Let’s hope the nitwit Bloomberg continues to waste his unearned wealth on his asinine agenda.

  6. WillyB says:

    I took a healthy Bloomberg once and wiped my democrat afterwards.

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