Woman posts best possible 3-minute take-down of crybaby, cop-hater Quentin Tarantino

A lot of pundits have come out against Hollywood filmmaker Quentin Tarantino for calling police murderers at a New York City anti-police rally four days after a black NYPD officer was shot and killed.

But none have topped this latest video commentary by Pat Nicklaus, a Second Amendment advocate who uses her YouTube channel to expose liberal lies and hypocrisy.

Because the filmmaker whined about all the blowback he’d received from his rhetoric at the rally, she observed that “clearly you don’t have a clue how the First Amendment works.”

So she patiently explained the concept.

“You can say stupid, vapid, insipid things all day long,” she said. “Under that same First Amendment we have the right to criticize you for saying stupid, vapid, insipid things all day long.”

After she destroyed Tarantino, she went after the whole Black Lives Matter movement.

”If black lives matter, maybe you should stop aborting them,” Nicklaus said. “At a rate higher than any other race out there.”


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