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Starbucks ‘removed Christmas’ from its cups; former pastor starts viral prank to teach them lesson

Joshua Feuerstein
Joshua Feuerstein

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Starbucks has introduced its new holiday themed cups and it has some Christians seeing red.

The coffee giant decided to remove symbols of the Christmas season they have used in the past in favor of a plain red design, which many Christians believe is a slight to them and the Christmas holiday.

“This year we wanted to usher in the holidays with a purity of design that welcomes all of our stories,” Starbucks president Jeffrey Fields said in October when the cups were released in Europe. “Starbucks has become a place of sanctuary during the holidays.”

Former pastor Joshua Feuerstein took exception to the move.

He posted a video to Facebook blasting the company’s decision to go with the plain red cup and told people to prank Starbucks by telling its baristas their name is Merry Christmas so the employee writes it on the cup.

“Instead of simply boycotting well, why don’t we just start a movement,” he said adding that when the Starbucks employee asked for his name he told them his name was “Merry Christmas.”

“So guess what Starbucks? I tricked you into putting Merry Christmas on your cup,” he said while calling on others to do the same under the hashtag #MerryChristmasStarbucks.

Starbucks REMOVED CHRISTMAS from their cups because they hate Jesus … SO I PRANKED THEM … and they HATE IT!!!! #shareUse #MERRYCHRISTMASSTARBUCKSFollow –> Joshua Feuerstein

Posted by Joshua Feuerstein on Thursday, November 5, 2015

Social media reaction was mixed.

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