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Scarborough demands on-air apology from Hewitt: ‘Hugh, please . . . don’t embarrass yourself’

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MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough engaged in some serious head-butting with his guest, conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt Monday over mainstream media bias against conservative candidates, while giving liberals a pass.

Earlier in the show, Scarborough sided with the media against Republican presidential contender Dr. Ben Carson, claimed that the candidate was lying about his past, and told him “You need to come out front and you need to admit it.”

Hewitt argued that the press, digging into Carson’s past of 30 to 40 years ago, were attempting to do the impossible — “proving a negative,” he said. However, the same media ignore items in Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s immediate past that show she’s been lying.

Scarborough countered that the Carson “stories do not add up,” and even the conservative press knows it.

When Hewitt said that it’s not the media’s job to cover for Clinton while “knifing” GOP candidates, Scarborough fired back that he’d been covering the former secretary of states scandals all along.

The recent CNBC GOP debate was proof positive that “Republicans face a headwind, Democrats have the wind at their back,” the radio host said.

“There are two major Hillary stories that no one’s covering while we’re trying to find Ben Carson’s friend from 40 years ago. Eventually it adds up to a narrative. You folks in the Manhattan-D.C. beltway do not–”

“Oh no no no no no,” Scarborough interrupted. “Hugh, you are so full of it.”

He ratcheted up the hostility by saying,”Hugh, please . . . don’t embarrass yourself,” before insisting Hewitt owed him an immediate on-air apology.

“Joe, I absolutely do not!” Hewitt shot back.


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