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Restaurant creates big buzz handing out behavior ‘rule cards’ for diners with kids

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Restaurants walk a fine line when it comes to unruly children, being careful not to lose the business of family oriented diners while trying to offer the best dining experience for all.

One restaurant in Houston has come up with a novel ideal — “rule cards” that outline proper behavior for children.

Cuchura Mexican restaurant hands out the colorful cards to urge parents to pay attention to how their children behave.

“Children at Cuchara don’t run or wander around the restaurant,” the cards say. “They stay seated and ask their parents to take them to the restroom. They don’t scream, throw tantrums or touch the walls, murals, windows or anything of the other patrons.”

Owners Ana Beaven and Charlie McDaniel began distributing the “rule cards” after a child caused $1,500 worth of damage by using a quarter to scratch out tic-tac-toe grids on a wall that featured a large mural, Fox News reported.

Beaven said the response to the rule cards has been “overwhelmingly positive.”

A quick scan of social media supports her position … here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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