Non-American citizen arrested for voting in Texas — FIVE times – faces up to 20 years

A Texas woman, who is not a citizen of the United States, was arrested Friday for having illegally voted in Dallas County — five times.

Rosa Maria Ortega, 35, is presently a resident of the Tarrant County Jail, where she is being held on a $10,000 bond, according to the Dallas-Fort Worth NBC affiliate Channel 5 News, which reported:

Ortega is married to an American and is living legally in this country, but is not a citizen and therefore, not qualified to vote, said Harry White, who supervises public integrity and white collar crime investigations for the Tarrant County District Attorney.

Ortega applied to vote in Tarrant County and acknowledged on the application form that she was not a citizen, White said. The county rejected her application and notified her she was not qualified to vote.


Having learned her lesson that only American citizens may vote in Texas, she re-applied five months later, this time claiming to be a U.S. citizen.

Although Ortega never voted in Tarrant country, records indicate that she did so five times in neighboring Dallas county — the earliest in a 2004 Republican primary, the latest in the 2014 Republican primary.

Her charges — illegal voting — is a second degree felony, punishable by a two to 20 year prison sentence.

A running battle between Republicans and Democrats is centered on voter ID laws. More than 30 states currently have some form of voter ID requirement.

Republicans claim that such laws are necessary as a protection against voter fraud.

Democrats claim stories of voter fraud are overblown and voter ID laws amount to voter suppression.

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79 thoughts on “Non-American citizen arrested for voting in Texas — FIVE times – faces up to 20 years

  1. Gerhard Hulpertshausen says:

    why should democrats want voter ID’s? The ones voting illegally most likely voting for democrats. With other words- who actually voted for the current… I call it carefully “situation”…??

  2. Beeotchstewie says:

    She must have voted Republican 5 times to get tossed in jail. We all know illegal votes for Demaocrats (mean to spell it that way) are the norm, not the exception. This is window dressing to make the public THINK the government is against voter fraud.

    1. TexanForever says:

      Might be a little different here in Texas. Our AG takes a dim view of that crap. So does the 5th circuit court. (Not like the 9th up in LA-LA land )

      1. Pedro_Schwartz says:

        Keep an eye on that, Tex. I lived in and loved Texas. But a recent visit revealed a scary number of no-go neighborhoods and defensive gated communities.

        1. TexanForever says:

          Texas has changed with the recent influx of people wanting to escape lib Amerika. Houston’s the worst (as usual), but Dallas, where I grew up, is also getting pretty bad. However leftist Austin is starting to shift back toward the right, with purges of libs from academia and the government.

          As long as we can carry and have tons of guns and ammo at home, we’ll be OK. With my trusty .45 I go anywhere I want, when I want. There are no no-go’s for me. ‘Course there’s places I have no desire to go, so it’s by choice, not by fear.

          Molon labe

          1. Pedro_Schwartz says:

            I lived and worked in Arlington. In 1970 my house was burglarized. Took 5 firearms and my Bear bow. Pretty sure it was a crew of landscape laborers whom I’d taken pity on and invited in to cool off. Police never pursued it.

            We must be comparably “aged” as I was married at age 33 in the Tarrant County Courthouse in 1975.

  3. Mary Brown says:

    We have had a grand total of one out of a dozen families of illegals who stayed out of trouble in my town over the last 15 years. The other 11 were either busted for drugs, theft, drinking in public, domestic abuse… they are trouble pure and simple!

    This case is a poster child for voter ID. If you are to stupid to go get a free or low cost picture ID then you are to stupid to vote!

  4. Buckeye RUSSELL says:

    Give her 20 years of hard labor then throw her ass out of the country…….

  5. Rick Bentz says:

    Republicans love to use “states rights” as an excuse to do nothing, unless of course this philosophy runs to counter to the demand of the moment. As the article says:

    “More than 30 states currently have some form of voter ID requirement.”

    So, leave it to the states then.

  6. john4637 says:

    The Democratic party has morphed into a Marxist, socialist pollitical entity. The average American does not support Marxism so the democrats must depend on bribery and voter fraud to win electons. Look at recent elections and see the strong conservative swell against them. But beware they will be coming out of the woodwork to continue the roll of a Marxist in the Oval Office and Hillary is just the fool they need.

  7. NunyaBusiness says:

    This is an obvious lie. There is no such thing as voter fraud in the USA. Racists.

  8. James Rozell says:

    She was voting in a Republican primary to pick the worst candidate that the Democrats could easily beat. This is a very common practice in the Democratic Party to put in fake voters in Republican primaries to make it harder for the good candidates to get in to beat the Democrats in a regular race.

  9. A League of Extraordinary Move says:

    Let me guess,let me guess,uh Democrat?

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