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More Urkel than ‘thug’: Juan Williams says ‘Jesus-touched’ Carson mimicking rappers is not working

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Talk about a low blow. No presidential candidate is eager to be compared to the nerdy character Steve Urkel from the TV sitcom “Family Matters.”

Republican contender Ben Carson continues to stand by his claim that he was an angry, sometimes violent young man, but Fox News liberal contributor Juan Williams said the retired neurosurgeon is more reminiscent of Urkel than he is a thug.

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” Williams compared Carson to rappers who push a thug-life image.

“This reminds me of a lot of rappers,” he said. “They hype, they embellish, they exaggerate for the sake of presentation — the biography in this case.”

Williams was referring to violent incidents Carson had written about in his best-selling memoir, “Gifted Hands,” which have become a central part of his story of redemption as a candidate for the White House.

Going in for the kill, Williams then dropped the Urkel comparison.

“With the high school incidents… I think it turns out he’s more Urkel than Thug Life,” he said. “And that’s the Ben Carson I know. I know the guy and I’m just telling you, he’s a wonderful guy… but I never thought of him as any kind of thug or attacking people.”

Either way, Williams dared to suggest that Carson’s story was “inspirational.”

“His books end up in evangelical bookstores, home schooling book stores,” he noted. “That’s how he’s known to a lot of people and they love him for that inspirational bootstraps-up, Jesus-touched life — his miracle life.”

Tom Tillison


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