ISIS releases most horrific video yet: Mass slaughter of 200 Syrian children, lined up to die

Islamic State terrorists hit a new low in its most recent recorded assassination, by slaughtering approximately 200 Syrian children.

Just prior to their execution, the children were marched to the killing field then forced to lie face-down and alongside one another, while Islamic State militants stood behind them with weapons drawn, according to sources.

Then one of the terrorists approached each child in line and fired at point blank range, before moving on to the next.

Shortly thereafter, others joined in.

There are no words to describe the evil horror.


67 thoughts on “ISIS releases most horrific video yet: Mass slaughter of 200 Syrian children, lined up to die

  1. bikerdogred1 says:

    Islam the religion of peace.

    1. VT Patriot says:

      ‘pieces’, there I fixed it for ya.

  2. pointdan says:

    Obozo is rooting for ISIS . . . he created, trained and funded them to go after Assad in Syria. They went after Christians in Iraq, our former ally, instead. How Mr Obama can sleep at night after unleashng these animals on the poor Yazedi women, children and Christians is simply amazing. Little wonder the Benghazi deaths didn’t bother him at all.

    1. Rose says:

      Evil has no conscience.

  3. John W.H. says:

    I never though I would ever cheer for the Ruskies, but I sure want to see Putin nuke theses filthy mussie scum bags back to the 17th century !!

    1. MarcusWoodson says:

      He’ll do it too. He has a huge Muslim problem at home too

  4. Lgbpop says:

    I hope Putin drops a few nukes, until we get a real President interested in restoring our moral leadership and is willing to do it HIMself.

  5. chronovisor says:

    islam is a PLAGUE on civilization it should be ERADICATED! there is no such thing as a “peaceful” mooslim, it’s a death cult

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