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Army base vendor ordered to stop selling ‘Don’t let this happen America’ shirt

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A vendor on a Colorado army base was ordered to stop selling a t-shirt that was deemed Islamophobic after a complaint was filed.

The shirt features a depiction of the Statue of Liberty wearing a burqa with the Islamic star and crescent by the torch with the words “Don’t let this happen America, and was being sold at a mall kiosk outside of the Fort Carson post exchange, according to the Colorado Springs Independent.

Photo credit the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.
Photo credit the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

The shirt was removed Monday after a client of The Military Religious Freedom Foundation filed the complaint, Mark Weinstein, the group’s president, told the Independent.

On behalf of its almost 43,000 armed forces active duty and veteran clients, which includes approximately 13.5% of all Muslim-Americans serving in the United States military, and its 224 clients stationed at Fort Carson, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) expresses unmitigated outrage that the Army leadership at Fort Carson permitted the selling of that virulently Islamophobic and disgusting T-Shirt at its official Post Exchange store.

The juxtaposition of that shocking image and text message on that T-Shirt epitomizes the wretched plight of prejudice and bigotry which innocent Muslim-Americans all too often suffer while so honorably serving in today’s service branches.

MRFF demands that the Army Inspector General’s Office in Washington, D.C., initiate an immediate and aggressive investigation of this sordid event and that all Fort Carson personnel who either directly or indirectly allowed this travesty to happen be appropriately and visibly punished.

Most people on social media just wanted to know where they could get the shirt.

Carmine Sabia


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