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Yep, Trump got heckled during ‘SNL’ opening monologue: ‘You’re a racist!’

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donald-trumplookalikesRepublican presidential front-runner Donald Trump got heckled during his monologue on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” – sort of.

“You’re a racist!” the heckler could be heard saying about three minutes into the opening.

“Who the hell” Trump asked. “I knew this was going to happen.”

The cameras zeroed in on comedian Larry David reprising his role as Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

“Trump’s a racist,” David repeated.

“I heard if I yelled that they’d give me $5,000,” the comedian revealed.

“As a businessman, I can fully respect that,” Trump admitted.

An Hispanic advocacy group, Deport Racism PAC, offered $5,000 to any SNL audience member who would call Trump a racist during his opening monologue.

The real estate developer spent much of his time making fun of himself by telling everyone how great he was, before he was joined onstage by two Trump impersonators.

“They don’t have my talent, my money, or especially my good looks,” he said after giving them a once-over.

Watch the fun, via NBC.

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