Wrestling diva struggles to be sexy and spiritual at same time; may choose God over fame

Former World Wrestling Entertainment Diva, former Playboy model and current Impact Wrestling Knockout Taryn Terrell has changed her sexy ways in favor of a life devoted to God.

She posted a YouTube video on Sept. 27, describing her journey to God and spoke with Fox 411 on Thursday to get into greater detail.

Photo credit Impact Wrestling.
Photo credit Impact Wrestling.

Terrell, who referred to herself as a “baby believer,” said he doesn’t blame anyone else for the more sinful lifestyle she was living.

“It certainly wasn’t the fault of WWE or the fault of any other entertainment company that I’ve worked for. It wasn’t the fault of Playboy. These were all my decisions and these were, you know, my life choices that I made that were, you know, certainly not of a Christian lifestyle,” she said.

Photo credit Impact Wrestling.
Photo credit Impact Wrestling.

Fox asked Terrell if she believes she will have to walk away from the professional wrestling business, where most women are scantily clad, in order to be true to her Christianity.

Taryn Terrell

“Absolutely,” she said. “I think that I have played, and recently, I have played an even more sexy character than I was used to playing, and it’s something that I prayed on and I know that’s not who I want to portray anymore. I know that’s not who I am and it’s not who I want to portray, and how can I connect with people, and sort of live that double standard. And yes, if I cannot find a way to use God and be godly in the things that I do then yes, it is time to walk away.”

“Life without a relationship with God is very self-serving, and I was a very self-centered person, and you know, there’s just lots of ways that I was sinful and I didn’t repent, and I didn’t ask for God’s forgiveness, and like I said I led a very self-serving life,” she told Fox. “Now that I’ve accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and I’m very focused on, you know, living a life where I’m obviously still a sinner. You know the only person who was not a sinner was Jesus, so I will be a sinner forever but now I know I can ask for forgiveness and I do have a way into Heaven, and get the eternal life.”

Watch her testimony:

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