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‘SNL’ skit fast forwards to what Trump’s America looks like if he wins; with surprise cameo

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donald-trump-cabinet (1)In one of “Saturday Night Live’s” more successful sketches, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump played himself at a cabinet meeting two years into his imaginary presidency.

His administration is so successful that Americans “were sick of winning.”

His cabinet members reported that Islamic State terrorists were defeated, Syrian refugees had returned to their homeland and were now working as blackjack dealers at a Trump resort. Russian President Vladimir Putin pulled out of Ukraine after Trump called him a “loser.”

Trump’s proclivity for using Twitter to express his thoughts was also highlighted.

“Everyone loves the new laws you tweeted,” a cabinet member said.

The president of Mexico delivered a check to build a wall separating the United States from Mexico, fulfilling one of Trump’s boldest campaign promises.

Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, received a cameo as his secretary of Interior, and updated him on the work to cover the Washington Monument in “gold, mirrored glass.”

“I said to the writers of the sketch, keep it modest,” Trump deadpanned at the end of the skit, adding that America under his administration would be even better than the fantasy portrayed on the show.

Watch the sketch, via NBC.

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