Mom left ‘speechless’ after how this barber cut her 4-year-old’s hair

A mother was left speechless by the kindness of a barber who went beyond expectation in cutting her autistic son’s hair.

After many failed attempts at getting the boy’s hair cut, Denine Davies, 34, of Wales, took her four-year-old son, Mason, to see barber James Williams. Davies had heard Williams, 26, was good with children, but was not expecting the lengths he would go to get the job done.

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Since a bad experience at 18 months old had left Mason terrified of the barber’s chair, over a few months Williams slowly built a relationship with the boy, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, and on Tuesday, he seized an opportunity, according to the Daily Mail.

As Mason lay on the floor in the shop, playing with his mother’s phone, Williams joined him on the floor and accomplished what was thought impossible: a proper haircut.

“I know how difficult it can be and my main concern was making sure Mason was happy and not upset,” Williams said.

“So when I saw he was comfortable on the floor, I thought nothing of getting down on my belly and having a go. It’s the oddest place I’ve ever cut someone’s hair, but if that is what works, that is fine with me.”

Williams noted that Davies and her partner, Jamie Lewis, 29 were left “speechless.”

“Once I started doing it I looked up at Denine and Jamie and they were both speechless. They clearly couldn’t believe it and were so happy,” said Williams.

“They have clearly gone through so much with him so to see him let me do it with no fuss clearly meant a lot.”

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Pictures of the haircut have gone viral and brought Williams praise and even gratitude from other parents.

“Before I knew it, the pictures had gone viral and I had lots of other parents coming up and say ‘did I realize how much what I had done meant’,” said Williams. “There are lots of parents saying they will bring their children here now.”

As for Davies, she is happy to give Williams the credit he is due.

“I’m very grateful for what he did and the time he gave up without a second thought,” Davies said, according to the Mail.

“Even Mason was impressed. Usually he gives him a high five when he leaves but after this occasion he ran over and hugged and kissed him.”

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