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Creator of hot US Naval video ‘Naptown Funk’ reveals something shocking about the viral hit

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Naval2A video by United States Naval Academy midshipmen has gone viral, showcasing their funky side in a music parody.

Entitled “Naptown Funk,” the video created by Midshipman 1st Class Rylan Tuohy, is based on the song “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars.

Appearing on “Fox and Friends” Saturday, Tuohy said though the concept for the video came about a year ago, the producers held off until the time was right.

“We wanted to make sure it was good for the city and midshipmen,” said Tuohy,  “and one year later you see what’s on YouTube.”

Working with the city of Annapolis, over 50 midshipmen were involved in the video which was filmed last month, costing nothing to produce. The video was shot using a standard digital camera and a drone and, Tuohy said, “everything done in the video is midshipmen.”

The city of Annapolis was “all for it,” said Tuohy on Fox, adding that the city waived the film permit.

“Not only does it (Annapolis) have that tradition in history, but it has the sense of looking forward, and looking ahead … Everybody who comes and visits the city kind of gets that sense of ‘What’s next? What’s new?'”

Though another video is to be expected soon, Tuohy would not divulge any details.

Watch the interview, below.

“Naptown Funk” in full:

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