Trump is freaked out by Carson hitting mom over head: ‘He went into a bathroom and . . . found religion?’

Conservatives rallied around Republican presidential contender Ben Carson over the liberal media hit piece about whether the retired neurosurgeon was offered a scholarship at West Point, but rival Donald Trump was not among them.

In fact, in an appearance Friday on “The O’Reilly Factor,” Trump noted how “strange” it was that Carson was fighting to prove he was a violent young man in order to establish credibility.

“Think about what Ben Carson is saying,” Trump said. “He hit a friend in the face with a lock, he tried to kill somebody with a knife and he says he suffered from pathological disease.”

He explained that if Carson suffered from a pathological disease, he wouldn’t have gotten better unless he was taking “lots of pills.”

O’Reilly interjected to say the events took place when Carson was a kid, but Trump wasn’t buying it.

“And then he went into a bathroom and all of a sudden he found religion,” he chimed in.

“I’m surprised you’re so gullible,” Trump added. “I’ve never seen you like this.”

O’Reilly explained that in highlighting the various events, Carson is laying out a story of “redemption.”

Trump countered to say it was “amazing” that Carson is “trying to prove that he did it in order to have credibility.”

“I never hit my mother over the head and neither did you,” he told O’Reilly. “Something is very strange here.”

The full Trump interview can be seen here, with the remarks on Carson coming at the 2:40-minute mark:

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