Six-year-old’s ‘show your thinking’ answer to Common Core math wins the Internet!

An honest answer to a math question has made one six-year-old an internet hero.

The first-grader solved a math problem on a test and was asked to show how he arrived at his solution. His literal answer was  so funny to his parents that his mother posted a picture of the test on Imgur, with the caption “This is why my kid is going places.”


“His dad and I picked him up from school and saw this test and just died laughing,” said the Georgia mother, who wished to remain anonymous. “He initially didn’t know what was so funny because he just answered the question,”  she told BuzzFeed News.

The post has been viewed over six million times. Fox News noted that the post even earned a comment from actor James Woods.

The mother shared that her son was “over the moon with excitement” when he was told how many people had seen the photo online.


Frieda Powers


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