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Fiorina forced to defend ‘Obama is a black Muslim’ town hall exchange

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Fiorina Town HallRepublican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina came under fire Friday for not rushing to the defense of President Obama when a New Hampshire voter called him a “black Muslim.”

Fiorina held a town hall at Foodee’s restaurant in Milford when she came upon the voter who complained about the job Obama is doing in the White House and offered his own reasoning.

“He doesn’t want this country to get ahead,” the man told Fiorina. “He doesn’t. He’s a Muslim. He’s a black Muslim.”

“Well, uh, it’s time to do something different in many ways,” Fiorina replied.

On Friday night she defended herself during an appearance on Fox News’ “The Kelly File.”

“I said on many occasions that President Obama tells me he’s a Christian, I take him at his word,” she told fill-in host Sandra Smith. “But the truth is President Obama isn’t on the ballot. The person who’s on the ballot, who’s gonna be on the ballot on the Democrat side, is Hillary Clinton.”

Fiorina added that she answered “substantive questions” during the town hall and she’s more focused on the issues than defending Obama.

Watch the video of both below.

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