UC-Merced stabber’s manifesto cites Allah; sheriff insists, non-terror related

The stabbing attack on the University of California-Merced campus is getting curiouser and curiouser. Although the attacker’s “manifesto” made several references to Allah and indicated his intention to kill multiple people, authorities say it wasn’t terror-related.

They could be right, but why the rush to judgment?

Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnke said during a news briefing, Thursday, that exclusion from a university study group was what led freshman student Faisal Mohammad, 18, to formulate a plan to conduct “campus-wide mayhem” Wednesday, NBC affiliate KCRA reported.

“We had an upset teenager that was upset over being kicked out of a study group” for being disruptive, the sheriff said, according to the Merced Sun-Star. “He was a teenager, he got mad and took it out this way.”

“We don’t know what’s going to trigger and we don’t have a crystal ball … We don’t know,” Warnke said.  “The human person is a very unpredictable being.”

Despite lacking that crystal ball, Warnke was adamant that “there is nothing to indicate this was anything other than a teenage boy who got upset with fellow classmates.”

ABC Channel 7 News reporter, Matt Keller, tweeted:

Warnke acknowledged when asked by reporters that there were references to Allah in the teen’s manifesto, but dismissed them out-of-hand.

“His belief was through the Muslim faith, but there’s nothing to indicate anything other than that,” Warnke said. “It’d be like a Christian referring to the Lord Jesus.”

“You’ve got to remember there are a lot of Muslim-faith (people) that are very kind, gentle, loving people and to have one person do this, you can’t group that whole section of folks into that. It’s just not right,” Warnke said.

The sheriff may be right, but then again, maybe he’s just wary of stirring up anti-Islamic sentiment.

Watch the report, via KCRA-TV News.


10 thoughts on “UC-Merced stabber’s manifesto cites Allah; sheriff insists, non-terror related

  1. Ray n MI says:

    And the cover up begins…

    1. WTFUAMERIKA says:

      If it’s blatant in your face lie it’s not a cover up. It’s a lie.

  2. Gerhard Hulpertshausen says:

    yeah- leave them nice moslems alone- they just use freedom of speech and express their opinion.
    I wish they would start express their opinion, when a guy with concealed weapon permit is next to them.

  3. Patriot1119 says:

    “We had an upset teenager that was upset over being kicked out of a study group” for being disruptive, the sheriff said, according to the Merced Sun-Star. “He was a teenager, he got mad and took it out this way.”

    average upset teenagers shout, pace and might even punch a wall. teenagers with anger issues might repeatedly punch a person responsible for upsetting them or do damage to that person’s property. upset teenagers do not write ‘manifestos’ invoking allah or god or jesus and threatening to kill multiple people just prior to going on a stabbing spree. this article says nothing about the background of this student – with the stabbing terroristic acts happening in israel right now is anybody willing to bet that his family self-identifies as palesstinian???

  4. tsigili says:

    Of course it is terror related. The sheriff is a liar. We have already seen the proof.

  5. Mary Brown says:

    The koran states “kill all infidels or enslave them” what other proof do you need that he is a terrorist! islam is not compatible with our constitution or way of life and muslims are uncivilized savages stuck in the 7th century!

  6. John Campbell says:

    The Sheriff is trying to play against both sides of views in this to stave off those who would harm others just for being Muslims, and he is right for his motivation, but wrong for doing so. When this sub-animal did this he used his own words to say why. Notice that no one seems to have published this so called “manifesto”, yet these words are written at the end of the Merced Sun Star’s story on this and should ring bells with those who spend their time scouring the Quran:

    On Thursday, he told the Sun-Star that Mohammad had smiled as he slashed at people, but “looked scared.”

    “He also looked like he was having fun,” Price said. “His eyes, I could see fear in his eyes. He was smiling.”

    Read more here: http://www.mercedsunstar.com/news/local/education/uc-merced/article43126323.html#storylink=cpy

  7. tsigili says:

    The sheriff is a liar.

  8. WillyB says:

    Another follower of the pedophile prophet kills other people yet again. What a shock.

  9. WTFUAMERIKA says:

    Really?………..You don’t expect us to believe that do you?…..Really? ,,,,,. Was he related to Obamao’s little terrorist in training buddy Clock Boy? The denials such an insult it’s actually comical. In a sick liberal sense of course.

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