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Superstar P. Diddy Combs sours on Obama; says pay black community ‘billions’ as ‘parting gifts’

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Sean Combs 2ARap superstar Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs thinks it’s time President Obama pays back the black community for getting him into office.

“We got Obama into office, the give back, the deal, where are the things in our community that have gotten drastically better?” he told New York City hip-hop radio station Hot 97 on Wednesday.

The “Vote Or Die” campaign he worked on helped get Obama elected, Combs said, and he feels that it was a sham because Obama hasn’t done enough to pay back.

“The hugest group of people that get you into office, you have to change their lives for the better. Pick a side, because they got you into office. And if that side just happens to be black people, and you’re black, you still have to do what’s fair,” he said, adding that the National Rifle Association, American Association of Retired Persons and “Jewish people” lobby to get what they want.

“Black people and people of color are the strongest and we let it go down,” he said.

When the radio host suggested Obama needs to do more to create jobs for black people, Combs rejected that, saying that Obama just needed to give billions of dollars to black people “unapologetically.”

“No, no, no, no but it’s like direct aid. Unapologetically sending direct aid to black communities. Like, like let’s not try to hide it. Unapologetically spend billions of dollars to uplift black communities and say black people,” he said. “Let’s stop skirting around everything it is.”

While he said he’s “not going after Obama,” Combs believes the president ought to give “nice parting gifts” to black people before he leaves office.

Listen to the segment in its entirety, below.

Carmine Sabia


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