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Shepard Smith SHOUTS DOWN ex-CIA guest in HEATED exchange over Doctors Without Borders bombing

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katz-smithFox News host Shepard Smith tore into a guest Thursday for suggesting that the Geneva, Switzerland-based humanitarian organization, Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières), supports terrorist groups.

Discussing the recent U.S. airstrike that led to the deaths of 19 of the organization’s medical staff in Afghanistan, Smith asked his guest, former CIA covert officer Joshua Katz, if it constituted a war crime.

Katz claimed that part of the problem was reliance on Afghan intelligence, but then added that the hospital bore some part of the responsibility.

“We have Doctors Without Borders who in all cases are providing material support to terrorists,” he said.

“Excuse me?” Smith cut in.

“Doctors Without Borders here, Shep, has said that they have provided support to the Taliban,” Katz explained.

“Oh hang on,” Smith said. “What doctors do is treat the wounded in war zones around the world since time began. Are you suggesting here that they should have not treated the ‘terrorists’ here as you call them, when they were bleeding and at their doorstep, they should have said, ‘no go away!’?”

“The dilemma we are in–,” was all Katz was able to get out before Smith cut in.

“You have just taken a United States military airstrike on hospital workers and turned it around on the hospital workers for treating the injured and wounded, and that’s disgusting.”

Katz continued to press, and argued that there are “two sides of a very complicated situation,” including that Doctors Without Borders has been known to treat Taliban members.

“So hospitals should be checking IDs at the door?” Smith said. “You may be dying, I am a doctor who has taken an oath to treat the wounded no matter what, no matter were. It sounds like you are putting some of the blame on the doctors who put themselves in harm’s way and died trying to save people.”

Watch the clip, via Fox News.


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