Parking lot vigilante gains attention, seeks peculiar justice

A new vigilante is on the prowl, protecting the world from inconsiderate drivers. Call him Turtleman.

The passive-aggressive hero’s calling card isn’t an “S” on his chest, a bat symbol, or a “Z” drawn with a sword. It’s a coloring book page drawing of a turtle that he leaves on the cars of drivers who take more than one space when they park.

“Many three-year-olds have trouble staying within the lines”’ reads the note on the page with the turtle. “Maybe if you practice coloring this turtle, it will help you with your parking.”

Race car driver, Bill Caswell, said on his website that the vigilante is a friend of his, though some believe it is Caswell himself.

Cartoon Turtle
Photo credit Build Race Party.

“We’ve all seen it. Some a**hat thinks his car is nicer than everyone else’s car and takes up two spots to prevent his door from being dinged. There’s really nothing you can do. As car people, we would never damage another person’s car. I’ve heard stories of letting the air out of the tires so he’s stuck there for a while. But really there’s nothing you can do. Especially because police rarely write parking tickets in private parking lots,” he wrote.

Cartoon Turtle
Photo credit Build Race Party.

“You can take a picture and send it to Jalopnik to shame the guy. But what does that really do? So here’s a better approach. My friend made this and keeps a few copies in his glove box. When he comes across an a**hat parking job, he leaves it under their windshield wiper,” he added, with a link for readers to download a copy of the cartoon turtle themselves.

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