MSNBC shuns Sheriff Clarke who has challenge for ‘limousine liberal’ Tarantino

Hannity ClarkeMSNBC wouldn’t allow Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke to defend himself against Quentin Tarantino.

Fortunately, Fox News’ Sean Hannity did.

Sheriff Clarke appeared on “Hannity” Thursday and said he contacted MSNBC asking to offer a counter-point to Tarantino’s remarks on Wednesday’s “All In with Chris Hayes,” since the director singled out Clarke in his comments. But the far left network wasn’t interested.

“I reached out to MSNBC for a counter point of view to his rambling and his babbling yesterday. And they declined saying they’re not big fans of mine. I guess they don’t share a FOX News fair and balanced philosophy,” he said.

Clarke said Tarantino is a “limousine liberal” who feels guilty that he has it so good.

“Every once in a while, what these elites do, they go down and appear at these demonstrations, and they try to get their legitimacy that they’re down with the struggle,” Clarke told Hannity. “They go down there, they get too far ahead of their skis and they say something stupid.”

Clarke emphasized that Tarantino, in his ivory tower, has no idea about the struggles police face on a daily basis, but he did offer to help call off the boycott on the director, whose film “The Hateful Eight” is set for a Christmas Day release, under one condition.

“You take the proceeds, the profits, from your next movie, donate them to the Concerns of Police Survivors or the National Law Enforcement Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C., maybe NYPD, for survivors of people who have been killed in the line of duty, and I’ll help call off the dogs on this proposed boycott,” Clarke suggested.

Watch the entire interview below.

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