Fiorina BRINGS IT to anticipated face-off at ‘The View’; slays rapid fire attacks like a pro

The View Carly FiorinaRepublican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina went toe to toe with the women of ABC’s “The View” in a continuation of their ongoing feud, and sparks did fly.

“Let’s clear the air,” Whoopi Goldberg, who was originally scheduled to be off Friday, declared. We know you took issue with something that was said last week. What’s happening girl?”

Goldberg was making reference to the now-infamous declaration by “The View” co-host Michelle Collins that Fiorina’s face looked demented at the CNBC Republican debate.

“I’ve been called all kinds of things, Whoopi, it’s wonderful to be back with you, ladies … I think we need to be able to have civil conversations in this country about our differences as well as about the things that unite us,” Fiorina said, via video as she was not in the studio.

Co-host Joy Behar asked Fiorina how she could consider herself a feminist as she fails the liberal litmus test of what a feminist is supposed to be by opposing things like abortion, a minimum wage increase and paid paternity leave. That’s when things got heated.

“Whether you’re pro-choice or pro-life, the majority of Americans are horrified by the reality that we’re harvesting baby parts through late-term abortions,” Fiorina said, referring to Planned Parenthood’s practice of selling the body parts of aborted babies.

“I need to stop you. Because that’s not, you know that’s not true,” Goldberg said, interrupting Fiorina.

“You asked me a question,” Fiorina shot back.

“No one is harvesting baby parts,” Goldberg said. “Come on, girl.”

“Planned Parenthood just announced they were no longer going to take compensation for that,” Fiorina said.

Goldberg turned the focus back to to the feud, asking Fiorina if she needed a thicker skin if she couldn’t take a “comic comment” about her appearance.

“Well, hey, if you meant your comment about my face being demented and a Halloween mask as humorous, so be it,” Fiorina replied. “I guess you misinterpreted Donald Trump’s comments about my face and thought those weren’t humorous.”

The hosts also accused Fiorina of engaging in a “fake feud” with them to help raise funds and “turn lemons into lemonade.”

“You’re telling me you’re lemons?” Fiorina said, provoking laughter from both the studio audience and the hosts. “I thought you said I shouldn’t be offended.”

Watch the entire interview in two parts below.

Carmine Sabia


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