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Caught on video! Conservative reporter manages to record his own assault by Black Lives Matter mob

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White Black Lives Matter ProtestersBlack Lives Matter protesters once again showed the type of class they have, this time by assaulting a journalist.

The crowd of rabble-rousers was protesting in front of the Ferguson, Missouri police department, chanting peaceful slogans like “Police, stick it up you’re a**!” when one of the degenerates approached Adam Sharp of Progressives Today and demanded to see his credentials.

When Sharp, who was on hand to record the demonstration, said he didn’t have a business card on him, the ne’er-do-well asked him three times to stop recording.

“You do not have a card. Therefore we do not know who you are, therefore you have to go. Stop recording us.”

Sharp, however, stood his ground.

“I’m asking you nicely. I asked you nicely. Can you cut that recorder off. I asked you nicely twice,” the bully declared. “If I ask a third time I’m going to snatch it and I’m not playing. Try me!”

True to his word he smacked the camera out of Sharp’s hand while other protesters were told “don’t record that,” to protect the assaulter.

Unbeknownst to the brain trust that was protesting, Sharp still had his body camera recording as more Black Lives Matter protesters harassed him while he waited for police to take his report.

“Why did he throw his camera on the ground?” one of the females said, hinting at what they would tell police.

“He’s going to say he was assaulted,” said a white, male protester.

“Yeah but it’s 30 people out here gonna say he assaulted somebody,” the female said.

“Yeah we’ll see who they believe,” the male responded.

They’re probably going to believe the video in which you just made fools of yourselves.

Watch the video, below.

Carmine Sabia


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