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Carson bypasses media, makes heartfelt case for ‘inexperienced’ presidential run

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Dr Ben CarsonRepublican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said political experience is unnecessary to be president.

In a Facebook post Wednesday, Carson said he gets asked all the time how he can become President of the United States with no previous political experience. But, he said, the Founding Fathers also had no political experience.

“What they had was a deep belief that freedom is a gift from God. They had a determination to rise up against a tyrannical King. They were willing to risk all they had, even their lives, to be free. Today we find ourselves with an entire class of politicians. No one in Philadelphia, during that summer our nation was born, dreamed that service was a career with a pension. America was the land of the Citizen Statesmen,” Carson wrote. “They were merchants, lawyers, farmers — and yes, even doctors. They were willing to stand for freedom. Today, the political class stands in the way, not for the people.”

Political experience doesn’t necessarily equate to getting good results, Carson added.

“You are absolutely right — I have no political experience,” he said. “The current Members of Congress have a combined 8,700 years of political experience. Are we sure political experience is what we need?”

Carson, who is neck and neck with Donald Trump for the top spot in the current polls, said his real life experience is more valuable.

“My experience is very different than what we have come to expect. I grew up poor. I know what it is like to be homeless and hungry. I know the pain of poverty. I also know that education and a mother’s love can be the path out of dire poverty,” Carson said . “I know what it is like to see water fountains you are not allowed to drink out of because of your skin color.”

“I also know that once you peel back the skin, the brain is the same no matter what your skin color or continent you live on,” he added.

“I know that victimhood is a trap. I know that it is our Christian responsibility to offer those less fortunate a hand up. I know my faith is strong and my ego is small.”

Read his entire note below.

Tonight, going through all of your questions, I wanted to touch on a few issues that seem to be asked by many people. …

Posted by Dr. Ben Carson on Wednesday, November 4, 2015

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