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Trump and Megyn continue to spar; she doesn’t need his approval

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trump FoxFox News’ Megyn Kelly is not easily intimidated, and she made that perfectly clear Wednesday night when she criticized other media outlets for going too easy on Donald Trump.

Kelly and Trump have made headlines for their ongoing and public disputes, but just when things seems to settle, their discourse gets fired up again. The two are beginning to sound like an old married couple.

Kelly used “The Kelly File” Wednesday to both defend and criticize CNN’s coverage of Trump. At one point, she referred to a contentious confrontation between the presidential hopeful and Chris Cuomo earlier that day.

“I like to go to places where they treat me fairly,” Trump told Cuomo after being accused of too closely cherry-picking his interviewers.

“Do you think I treat you fairly?” Cuomo asked.

Trump paused, “I won’t comment on that. I’m not talking about you. I’m talking about CNN.”

Trump had harsh criticism for another CNN journalist, Sara Murray, who he said didn’t report honestly about huge crowds at a recent event.

Kelly defended Murray and seemed amused by the media falling into Trump’s trap.

“Am I fair? Do you think I’m fair?” she mocked journalists for kowtowing to Trump. “I’m fair, though, right?”

Kelly certainly isn’t going to placate Trump any time soon and further criticized the media for giving “him an unfettered arena in which to assault the press.”

“Unless you say it just the way he wants you to say it, you get hit,” she said.

The funny thing is, they’re both right. Trump took to Twitter Wednesday to blast Kelly for not using a “Trump-approved” poll.

If these two aren’t careful, they’re going to grow old looking like each other. Not a bad deal though, for Trump.


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